No, hypnosis is not magic. Hypnosis is a very specific process that anyone can go through to make changes in their life. Changes can include

  • getting rid of habits, craving and addictions
  • eliminating fears
  • relieving PTSD
  • improve motivation
  • enhance sports performance
  • remove anxiety
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • …. and more, a lot more.

There is little wonder while some people put hypnosis in the realm of magic. Many people have tried everything to gain control of some part of their lives only to have gotten results with hypnosis. So… it MUST be magic, right? No. Hypnosis is not magic.

How Hypnosis Works

Most people try to make improvements to their lives with conscious effort. Many times it will work, yet for many people there are changes that can’t be made no matter how hard you resolve to change them. A cigarette craving will become overpowering, a chocolate donut will seemingly call your name, anxiety pops up even when you’ve resolved to stay calm.

All of these things continue to happen because, even though you’ve made a conscious decision, there is a deeper process going on. This SubConscious process is stronger than willpower and is often tied to deep seated emotions. Hypnosis bypasses your willpower by going directly to the SubConscious level to make changes. This may be experienced in the hypnosis session by a strong focus on the positive things you want instead of removing things you don’t.

Sometimes changes happen by reevaluating old events in light of new wisdom. By doing that traumas can be turned into events where something valuable was learned.

At no point is the SubConscious mind told it’s bad, wrong or evil. By contrast, the SubConscious mind is recognized for doing the best it could with such limited information. It is then told what would be even better and given specific instructions how to implement the changes.

So, So Simple…

The SciFi writer Author C. Clark said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Hypnosis is truly a technology that works to make changes within the human mind. For many it can seem like magic, but for a skilled hypnotist it is an amazing tool for change and self-improvement.

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