Frequently Asked Questions

faqWhat should I expect on my first visit?

Every time you visit The Hypnosis Center the main concern is helping you make the changes you want. The first part of your visit is a simple intake where you explain what you want to accomplish and how you want to be different. The information you provide will help determine if hypnosis is your best option and how best to use it.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

In a word, yes! Hypnosis is a natural process that anyone can experience. All you require is the ability to pay attention and the agreement to follow instructions.

Some factors that can influence your hypnosis experience include how at ease you feel with your hypnotist and the setting you’re in. If you are preoccupied with something else you may not be able to keep your focus but that is seldom a problem.

What is it like to be hypnotized?

The hypnosis expereince will differ from person to person but most will agree it’s one of the most wonderfully profound experiences you have.

How can I best prepare for my session?

The best prepared hypnosis subjects know what they want and have a clear idea of how they want to be different.
Are the results of hypnosis permanent?

If your desire is to have permanent results then that will be what you experience from the hypnosis session. This is because the change that will take place happens at the level of your Identity. That means you will see, hear and feel yourself to be the person with the outcome you want. You will see that you ARE a non-smoker, or that you ARE losing weight easily, or that you ARE free from fear and anxiety.

How can you guarantee that your methods will work ?

Many people are surprised by my guarantee, but it’s very simple.  If at the end of our session you don’t agree that somethign noticible has taken place we will either do more work or no fee is charged.  After nearly 2 decades of doing hypnosis I’m confident if you can follow my instructions exactly during the hypnosis process you WILL get the result you want and you WILL notice it at the end of your session.

Is it possible for you to start smoking again after a successful hypnosis treatment?

Yes. If you force yourself to ignore the “nudges” set up in the subconscious mind during your hypnosis session it will become clear that you didn’t take the non-smoking instructions seriously. Occasionally people start smoking again NOT because they want to smoke (they seldom do) but because they want to see if the hypnosis really works. Don’t be that silly. If you try you can start smoking again. Consider this a warning: you must take responsiblity and not test something that works by trying to break it.
Do you sell CD’s with recorded inductions?
Yes, Cds they are an additional as part of the service.  If you feel you need additional reinforcement or you simple enjoy the hypnosis process; a CD can be personalized to meet your needs. CD’s are an additional cost.