Anxiety *

guy all stressed and worriedYou might be feeling the sort of anxiety that can be debilitating. You have become all too familiar with that uncomfortable feeling that begins to set in and seems to take your breath away. You know, something needs to change immediately for you to feel better. Maybe you aren’t sure what you can do to surmount your anxiety? Identifying triggers can help; It can be triggered by specific situations like public speaking, or walking into a crowded room. Anxiety can come up for no reason at all. Understand, anxiety is a mental habit that’s out of your control because it’s triggered by the subconscious mind. For whatever reason it came about it served it’s purpose but it persists not because you’re doing something wrong.  Anxiety persists because your subconscious mind is doing what it’s supposed to do.

performance enhancementIf you have felt the weight of anxiety  right now is the time to give your subconscious mind a better set of instructions. Our process starts with an intake that will help identify the triggers of your anxiety. Each hypnosis session is tailored for the individual needs of our clients. Don’t sweat it, if you can follow simple instructions, hypnosis can help you.  If your anxiety was more general and without specific triggers you’ll find you can bring about a calm and peaceful state of mind with an easy-to-learn word or phrase that it taught to you in hypnosis.

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