Quit Smoking *

As many as 50 billion Americans use tobacco products, that number can grow exponentially if you factor in those who are ‘quitting smoking’ using tapering methods like the patch, or vaping which offer an alternative to smoking cigarettes. For many people quitting smoking is hard. For some it feels impossible. Many may feel discouraged because by the time someone decides to see a hypnotist to quit smoking many have tried everything else: cold turkey, the Patch, e-cigarettes, Chantix and others. If you’ve tried everything else don’t feel bad.

Most solutions for Quitting Smoking fail because they focus only on the physical cravings.  Hypnosis has been proven effective in treating smoking addiction because it focuses on the root of your smoking addiction, Your subconscious mind has become accustomed to smoking and has learned to keep you smoking by creating cravings and urges.

Our clinical method uses absolutely no drugs. The clients I see who have used the drug Chantix to quit smoking have reported weird and disturbing dreams as well as irritability.  With hypnosis you will experience no withdraw symptoms or cravings, from the very first session. When you realize that you are permanently a non-smoker there are no cravings. Why? Because non-smokers don’t crave cigarettes. Hypnosis changes how you see yourself so that you accept your new life as a non-smoker.

Once you  begin to identify with your new identity as a Non-Smoker,  you won’t substitute a new habit for smoking. Many people who quit smoking fight their cravings by eating. Using hypnosis the craving and interest in cigarettes is simply erased and there’s no need to find a substitute. We are famous for our bold guarantee by the end of your hypnosis session you won’t be able to bring up a craving for a cigarette even if you try. You’ll also identify with being a non-smoker, so when you say “I’m a non-smoker.” it will feel true. Call us today. Your new life as a non-smoker awaits!

* Results may vary from person to person.