About Us

David Barron

You’re not broken.

You may have a life long habit of smoking, you may overeat or feel that stress and anxiety are out of control. You may have battled with addiction or trauma. You may be feeling like there’s no hope. You’re not broken. Your subconscious mind is doing what it was taught. It worked for you once but now it’s outdated. You’re not broken. Your inner mind needs a new and better way of dealing with things. That’s what I’ve been helping people with for nearly 20 years.

Let me help.

Everyone wants to be heard without judgement. Your first session will start trying to understand your needs. Do you want to quit smoking or change a behavior? Do you want more peace of mind and control over anxiety? Do you want to know, in your heart, that you’re important and worth the changes you are making? That will be the destination we’ll embark on.

Hypnosis is a very personal journey. All you need is a willingness to change and to allow your hypnotist to guide you. Hypnosis isn’t magical, even though the results can seem like magic. You will remember everything that happens and feeling amazing when we are done.

I’m your tour guide, so to speak. As a hypnotist all I do is guide your attention. It’s up to you to follow. Imagine at the end of your hypnosis session, opening your eyes and knowing something within you has changed. This is just the start of your journey.

It may seem impossible but I’ve seen it happen with thousands of my clients and I want that for you.