Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Stress can take its toll on anyone. The world demands a lot from everyone of us. There are responsibilities of work, life and family, bills and deadlines and things can get overwhelming. Then we feel anger or guilt that we’re just not tough enough to all this on our own. Stress leads to guilt and depression … it’s an endless cycle.

Sometimes we need to completely stop, take a few deep breaths and put everything on pause. Sometimes we need someone to show us how.

Anxiety can make every simple moment a struggle. It can also stop everything in its tracks.

  • You feel like you are in a capsized boat unable to breath. 
  • Your heart is racing and you don’t know why.
  • Something inside is screaming at you to run but everyone around you is calm.
  • You want to move forward but you are frozen as if something terrible is about to happen.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can find peace of mind. Gaining control over your anxiety is our goal. Anxiety is a response your mind created to help you but it doesn’t have to be a habit. Call us today for help. 

Fear is a natural response to dangerous situations. Unreasonable and irrational fears can limit your enjoyment of life and control your decisions. It can feel embarrassing to admit that your phobia is real. It’s hard for others to imagine how one could be so terrified of dogs, airplanes or, doctors offices but these kinds of fears are real and they make life painful.  

I’ve helped others overcome these phobias and others. I can help you too.