Can hypnosis help with anxiety? Treating anxiety with hypnosis has a long and successful history. Many people associate hypnosis with a deep state of relaxation and that will certainly contribute to easing anxiety. Hypnosis goes even further than mere relaxation. Hypnosis goes to the most basic habit of how we respond to the world around us.

Many people thrive in high-stress environments while other people find it hard to cope. The difference between these two people is in how their subconscious minds respond to stress. It makes sense that to change a person’s subconscious response to stressful events they will not perceive or react to that event in the same way. Hypnosis can change a stressful event, like public speaking, into an exciting opportunity that builds ones confidence and self esteem.

Hypnosis helps make this subconscious change buy first imagining the ideal response. This could be a state of calm, or ease, or peace of mind. In building this is ideal response the subject is given more control over it until the they can feel at ease in any situation.

Creating Resourcefulness

This is much more than just imagining one so-called “happy place” because the immediate response to stress is now peace of mind. Peace of mind, comfort, ease happens automatically, without conscious effort. An additional part of the hypnosis process is also call the ego strengthening. Ego strengthening consist of building the self-image and self-esteem of the subject so the on a very deep level they see themselves as stronger and more resilient.

For many people the amount of control they feel after hypnosis is dramatic and positive. To demonstrate this to the subject the hypnotist will ask the subject to try to create anxiety after the hypnosis session. The subject will often report being unable to feel anxiety no matter how much they try. The results can be truly amazing.

Ask for help

Yes, can hypnosis help with anxiety. If you know someone suffering from anxiety hypnosis is worth looking into further. Call Eastern Oregon Hypnosis (541)216-6696 for a free consultation.