It’s a fair question to ask. Who is the best hypnotist?

If you’re shopping around for a hypnotist you may find out there are plenty of people who advertise “hypnosis” …. or you may find only one or two.

How are you going to choose? It’s a good question.

Your hypnotists training, qualifications and experience are important but so is how you feel about him. Trust is vital.

Let’s face it, you are going to allow a stranger to manipulate your thinking, you have to feel trust.

I make every effort to make my business presentation as kind and professional as possible. I also have written books about hypnosis and and taught courses, I’ve worked with nearly 10,000 people but if you can’t feel trust when we’re together it will quickly go south.

Transparency, is another quality I would look for. I know how important it is for a hypnotist to put on a good face, it’s a service industry. Notice if the hypnotist you talk to is focused more on you or on getting the appointment. Ask tough questions like “How many years have you practiced hypnosis?” and “Is this a full time job?” and “Where is your office?”.

I’ll be candid with you and admit I don’t take every person who wants to be hypnotized. I need to make sure you really want to quit smoking, lose weight or get over your anxiety.

Hypnosis is not a magic pill for everything but I’ve seen it do amazing things. Someone once offered to pay me so they might grow wings with hypnosis. I told them I would take their money as long as they understood the incredibly small likelihood of success. I took their money. No, they didn’t grow wings.

I would prefer to work with clients who have serious intentions to better their lives.

The best answer to “How to find a good hypnotist?” is to look around. Do your research and ask serious questions. A good hypnotist will welcome it.